Friday, October 23, 2020
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Tag: Adventist Publishing

More than a magazine

This Sabbath, May 4, is the Adventist Record offering. Help us to continue to deliver this service that is more than just a magazine.

Ray retires after record-setting Record production

Signs Publishing's longest serving employee is retiring after more than half a century of service.

Lani Brereton regains consciousness

Lani Brereton regained consciousness on Sunday and has smiled at her family.

Publishing director’s daughter in coma

Lani Brereton was in a vehicle hit head on by an unregistered, speeding car driven by a drunk driver on Sabbath afternoon (December 14).

Adventist publishing houses not to merge

A commission asked to look into Review and Herald and Pacific Press merging, will cease its work, due to differing perspectives on the interpretation of the Spirit of Prophecy.

Publishing sales surge

A major overhaul of the South Pacific Division’s (SPD) Publishing department, including reduced book prices in Australia and New Zealand, resulted in a 28 per cent sales increase for Adventist Publishing in 2012.
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