Adventist Heritage launches ‘Maritime Missionaries’ exhibition

The exhibition is located in the new heritage room at the South Pacific Division office in Wahroonga.

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After months of planning, the team at the Adventist Heritage Centre (AHC) were excited to unveil the new heritage room at the South Pacific Division (SPD) office in Wahroonga, Australia. The room will contain a museum exhibition curated by the AHC team featuring artifacts and stories that delve into the rich history of Adventism. The current exhibit, titled ”Maritime Missionaries”, includes displays of prominent mission boats like The Pitcairn and Malalagi and offers a glimpse into the maritime missions that have shaped the Adventist story.

AHC Director David Jones indicated that this is the first of many heritage exhibitions, with the team hoping to open more spaces in other areas of the Division. Designed with intentionality, the exhibit features interactive elements such as QR codes providing additional information, a TV screening films produced by the AHC team, and photos displayed with careful consideration for easy transportation.

Speaking at the dedication ceremony on December 12, SPD president Pastor Glenn Townend expressed his enthusiasm, stating the room represents the SPD’s pride in our Adventist history and reminds us of what our predecessors have been through. “This is a taste of what we want to see in lots of other places,” he said. The exhibition is freely open to visitors daily from 9am – 4pm.

The AHC team are inviting church members to be involved in an upcoming exhibition titled “Your Story/Our Story”. The project will collect hundreds of community stories about how God has shaped the Adventist church in the past to inspire and educate future generations.

These stories will also be available for churches, schools, researchers and museums to use for education purposes and individual interest. If you’re interested in being involved in this project, contact the Adventist Heritage Centre team through their website.

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