Survey reveals new trends in church giving across Australia and New Zealand

Popularity of giving causes.

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The South Pacific Division (SPD) stewardship department has published the results of its comprehensive 2023 AU/NZ Offerings Survey, which gathered insights from around 2000 church attendees across Australia and New Zealand. The survey, run from March 23 to July 2, aimed to understand the habits, attitudes and motivations behind church offerings.

Julian Archer, SPD stewardship director, praised God that this Division is regarded as one of the most generous in the world Church. “To read the hundreds of thoughtful responses was very encouraging. Adventists know that God is faithful and they love to support God’s work locally and right across the world,” he said.

Mr Archer was also encouraged by the respondents’ challenges to Church leadership about reporting and transparency, and the need to ensure that communications around offerings are not about compulsion or guilt, but around freewill giving that springs from a deep sense of gratefulness and a love for God.

A big surprise was the number of parents and grandparents who shared the challenge they face in trying to teach and be an example to children in the area of giving offerings in an almost cashless society.

“Giving practical feedback like this really helps to guide decisions around the promotion, collection, usage and reporting of offerings. The members in the local churches have the best insights into the way they support God’s work and we are taking their feedback seriously,” Mr Archer said.

While some of the suggestions would require significant resources and have been placed in a long-term action plan, others are simple to implement.

In a message of thanks to respondents, Mr Archer said, “We have already started making changes and are working on putting your highest priority suggestions in place. We will move forward carefully and prayerfully to ensure God’s leading.”

To read the full survey report and compare your thoughts to everyone else’s responses, visit:

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