Equation heard around the world, with new edition

The new edition of The Giving Equation.

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Three years after its initial publication, The Giving Equation has been published in a new edition, including additional “life application lessons”.

The first reason for the new edition is to meet ongoing demand for the book. According to author Dr Ken Long, “People around the world love the way in which the book spells out the difference in giving in the Me-economy and God’s way—the G-economy.” 

Through the four new life application lessons, readers are given greater opportunity to apply “the message of giving,” into their lives “with a new mindset.” These lessons can be used in small groups, Sabbath school classes and family worship, exploring the biblical principles for positive giving.

As well being published in a new English edition, an extract of The Giving Equation was recently published in German and Dr Long has presented his core message—that people “be inspired to give; not made to do so out of guilt or obligation”—in a number of contexts around the world since the book was published in 2020. 

According to Pastor Leslie Yamahune, director of Stewardship and Church Growth for the Papua New Guinea Union Mission, “God has used Ken to help build benevolent and generous characters. The book is contextualised for today’s world and reminds our members to build God’s Kingdom first.”

“We are pleased to be able to produce a new edition of this book and continue to make this book available more widely,” said Signs Publishing’s book editor, Nathan Brown. “It is an insightful and perspective-changing reflection on how a better understanding and practice of stewardship can really change our lives and our relationship with God.”

The Giving Equation has also been featured and promoted by the General Conference’s Stewardship Ministries around the world. “My favourite section is the case studies, which are built around inspiring and biblical materials,” said associate director Pastor Aniel Barbe. “They offer ready-to-use resources, with minimum adaptation, for pastors and spiritual leaders to build up more generous local congregations. I really appreciate Ken’s smart contribution in leading us to put God first.”

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