Pathfinders demonstrate skill and service at annual Morobe Mission fair

The Boundary Road Pathfinder Club at the event.

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Twenty-five Pathfinder clubs from across Morobe Mission in Papua New Guinea gathered for the annual Pathfinder Fair from June 29 to July 1.

Engaging Pathfinders in various activities such as ball games, marching drills and knot-tying, the event also saw participants collaborating on a series of community service projects such as environmental cleanups, assistance at local schools and hospitals, and outreach programs.

“The Morobe Mission Pathfinder Fair serves not only as a recreational opportunity but primarily as a platform to foster fellowship among the participants, enhance their skills and help them grow spiritually,” explained Doulos Ken, who attended the event with 53 Pathfinders and seven instructors from Boundary Road Pathfinder Club. The fair also serves as a promotional platform attracting local youth to join a club and actively contribute to their community.

Mr Ken praised the group’s enthusiasm and commitment, saying they displayed the spirit of Boundary Road. “Participating in such events not only allows us to showcase our skills and talents but also helps us grow personally and spiritually,” he added.

Boundary Road Pathfinders Club leader Hellen Sepsy also expressed her gratitude to the Pathfinders representing Boundary Road. “Your participation in the fair has undoubtedly prepared you for the upcoming Papua New Guinea Union Mission Pathfinder Camporee,” she said referring to the event scheduled to take place in December.

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