Fine artist launches new website featuring Bible imagery resources

Fine artist Phil McKay with one of his paintings portraying Jesus.

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Fine artist Phil McKay has launched a new website to showcase his collection of artworks inspired by biblical stories and themes. The website offers visitors the opportunity to purchase prints or license his works.

Additionally, there are four new collections of artworks available for projection purposes, which can be used by pastors, Bible workers, worship coordinators, Sabbath school leaders, and others who use visual aids in their teachings.

For the past 15 years, Mr McKay has been painting Bible imagery for the worldwide church, Amazing Facts, and many other ministries. His paintings have been used in a wide range of contexts to share the good news of Jesus, including art exhibitions and Bible study guides.

“I guess I would describe my style as a modern take on traditional Bible imagery,” said Mr McKay. “I want my artwork to be a powerful and dramatic visual representation of the Bible and what it conveys to the reader.”

“The website offers high-quality images of each artwork and purchasing options. Whether visitors are looking for prints to hang in their homes, churches, or for projection purposes, they will find a wide range of options available on the website.”

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