SPD office cuts electricity consumption by two-thirds

Maintenance supervisor Adrian Wright inspecting the solar panels on the roof of the SPD office.

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Green initiatives at the South Pacific Division (SPD) headquarters at Wahroonga have cut electricity consumption by two-thirds.

Major renovations to the north wing in 2020-21 have maximised energy efficiency through the installation of LED lighting, large windows to let in natural light and new air-conditioning to replace an old system with cooling towers.

In August 2022 the Division Property Trust Board approved the installation of a 100KW solar power system. Since its installation it has generated 62.4 MWh, saving 37,629kg of CO2 emissions—the equivalent of planting 730 trees.

Large windows throughout the building help to let in natural light.

Property Trust manager Lorin Bradford said electricity consumption has plummeted by 66 per cent compared with 2020. Not only is this a significant win for the environment, it has also created savings for the budget—the electricity bill is about half that of 2020.

“Adventists believe that the Earth belongs to God and that we were given the responsibility for its care—therefore we need to use the resources wisely,” Mr Bradford said.

“The SPD is committed to environmental stewardship, including introducing more sustainable practices in our workplace.”

Other environmental initiatives in 2022 included a large-scale tree planting project in bushland areas of the Wahroonga Estate as part of the SPD’s bush regeneration commitment. This was made possible by a grant through the Australian Government’s Planting Trees for The Queen’s Jubilee Program, with 700 new trees planted. The Wahroonga Estate is home to Sydney Adventist Hospital, Adventist Aged Care Wahroonga, two Adventist churches, Wahroonga Adventist School and the SPD headquarters.

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