Risk Management Service celebrates 50 years

L-R: Stephen Andrews, David Woolley, Elaine Woolley, Bob Smith, Margaret Smith, Owen Mason, Marion Mason, Paul Rubessa.

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The Risk Management Service (RMS) of the South Pacific Division (SPD) recently celebrated 50 years of operation, rededicating the service to ministry and mission at a reunion of former RMS managers. 

RMS was formally established in 1972 with the purpose of administering the Church’s insurance program in the then Australasian Division (later South Pacific Division) to reduce financial exposure to the Church, should losses occur. 

To mark the anniversary, RMS hosted a thanksgiving lunch on November 1 attended by previous RMS managers, current Division Services board members and current RMS staff. 

Since its establishment, RMS has been led by seven different managers: Cecil Powell (1972-85), Bob Smith (1985-95), David Woolley (1995-98), Owen Mason (1998-2005), Stephen Andrews (2005-11), Paul Rubessa (2011-17) and Jonathan Hale (2017-present). 

Five of them reunited at the event and RMS staff and board members were delighted by the stories and experiences that each former manager shared of their time in RMS, including miraculous answers to prayer. 

Mr Woolley remembered one occasion calling the staff together for prayer. “A cyclone was tracking toward major Adventist sites in the Solomon Islands,” he recalled. “After prayer you could see the track of the cyclone turn away from its predicted route.” 

Mr Hale expressed his deep gratitude for the efforts of previous managers, saying, “We are in the position we are today because of your dedication and innovative leadership. I wish we could spend more time with each of you.”

Division CFO Francois Keet and Mr Smith both offered heartfelt prayers of thanksgiving, rededicating the service to God’s ministry and mission. 

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