Local churches host presentations on health and Bible prophecy

Dr Rachel and Rui Coelho pressentir at Ocean Shores Church and Manna Haven Cafe (Byron Bay).

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A recent series of presentations on health and prophecy inspired Ocean Shores and Byron Bay (NSW) Adventists and the community to restore their health and search for certainty. Around 15 people attended the presentations in Ocean Shores and 20 in Byron Bay.

General practitioner, nutritionist and naturopath Dr Rachel Coelho presented the first part of the series themed “Restoring your health and vitality” over the first three nights. The presentation explored mental health, cardiovascular disease, dementia defence, cancer, immune restoration and improving your night’s sleep.

Attendees who admitted to not being as active as they would like were encouraged to embrace a daily exercise routine and to practice other healthy habits to live a more wholistic life.

During the following two nights and on Sabbath morning, evangelist Rui Coelho—who has held evangelistic series in 22 countries—shared a presentation explaining Daniel 2 and how Bible prophecy predicts the future in an uncertain world.

“It was a very informative presentation and a timely reminder that God’s hand is over history and ultimately He will have the last say,” said Ocean Shores church leader Lynn Scarr.

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