Delegates uplifted and inspired

From left, Ruth Roko, Charles Ratakele and Jessebeth Ropeti.

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More than half of the General Conference delegates from the South Pacific Division are first-time attendees. Adventist Record spoke with three first-time delegates to see what the experience has meant for them.

Jessebeth Ropeti, American Samoa:

“I guess what I have enjoyed the most is learning about the different opinions everyone had. It’s interesting to know the different ideas around the world when it comes to the Church Manual—it’s been powerful to know that everyone has come together to put their ideas forward for the betterment of the Church. One thing I will take with me back home is to encourage the young people to get involved. The youth, they are the future of the Church and they need to be involved now so we can all understand how God’s Church will be run in the future.”

Charles Ratakele, Fiji:

“Basically I feel it’s been awe-inspiring for me—just to be with a large group of believers has been really uplifting and encouraging. I actually enjoyed most of the agenda items and learned how the Church at this level operates. I love how there were many perspectives but there was respect for each other’s perspectives and positions. I saw many committed people, really passionate about outreach, sharing their challenges and how the Lord has triumphed in their communities. One of the highlights for me was the session on Thursday evening. We had two passionate debates—and just to see how the Church in unity moved forward, I can only say that God is leading His Church.”

Ruth Roko, New Caledonia:

“It’s a big privilege for me to be attending the GC session—to come to learn about the session, how the decisions are made in this big church family. I’ve come to enjoy all the different cultures and to know we are one big Adventist family. To me it’s a good experience. It’s an opportunity for me and I praise God for that. I see God’s leading hand and it has reinforced my faith to know that God is leading and we need not fear. All the devotions we have had, they have just filled me spiritually. When I leave this place and go back home, I will be sharing with others that Jesus is coming. I want to get involved and to help other people get involved.”

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