Youth rally fosters unity

More than 400 young people attended the rally.

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More than 400 young people attended a youth rally at Mountain View Adventist College, Sydney (NSW), on June 22.

“Be Full of Good Works” was the theme of the event, which featured guest speakers and music. It was followed by a sports competition in the evening which brought together 15 teams to compete in basketball and volleyball. Proceeds from the food sold during the night will support a mission trip to Zambia in 2025.

Greater Sydney Conference youth director Pastor Dejan Stojkovic said youth rallies are an important way to unite churches, nations and cultures in worship.

“The Greater Sydney Conference welcomes everyone with open arms, fostering a spirit of unity within our diverse Adventist family,” he said. “Every young person, regardless of their church background or personal journey, has a place here.”

The rally also introduced a new structure for youth ministry in Sydney. The ministry will now be organised into four regional teams: Central, South, North and West.

“This approach aims to develop new leaders in youth ministry, including future youth directors, and allows for more effective ministry by addressing the specific needs of people who are more familiar with their regions than the Conference itself,” Pastor Stojkovic said.

The rally and sports competition were well received by the participants. “Having a rally day followed by a sports competition gives me the opportunity to exercise my spirituality and play sports that I love with people I love,” said one of the attendees.

The next youth rally will be held on August 10 in Wollongong, led by the southern region youth team.

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