Hunted Down

(Source: Unsplash)

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Yes, I hadn’t been for years —

Inside a church, I mean:

But something drew me back

To try and ease the lack.

It’s that residual Christianity;

That little lick of flame

I thought had been extinguished,

Had glowed a little warmth in me.

No matter how deep they scourged;

Pierced with nails, thorns or sword;

Or shoved the bitter sponge

To His parched lips. His voice,

Like a haunting, hunting horn,

Often tuned my cottoned ears,

And sometimes teared my eyes

Until I quit, and went to worship.

Malcolm Ford is an artist and poet from Whangerai, NZ. 

The English poet Francis Thompson (1859-1907) is well remembered for his poem “The Hound of Heaven”. This poem is inspired by that classic verse. 

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