Tuesday, January 26, 2021
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Worth a thousand

A poem to remind us of what we're worth.

Creative Corner: Ruth Hodge’s words as therapy

The counsellor and "sanctified-sass distributor" says creative writing is a powerful tool for self-reflection and sharing Jesus with others.


The time the earth stood still . . .

The race

Year 7 student Tewesta Hussein shares a poem—and an important reminder—about pressing on.


Sunset paints pink, then magenta, then navy blue up the sky At twilight she points her telescope and waits with eyes lifted high The realm of...


A small poem about the "greatest of these".

Let the children

Jesus loves the little children . . .

For grandmothers

Jarrod Stackelroth pens a touching poem to his late grandmother, Anne Agnes Ferguson.

Thanks Mum

A Mother's Day poem.

Is there hope for hip-hop?

I’ve been listening to poetry lately; powerful poems, written from the heart, asking big questions. Surprisingly, I’ve found these poems embedded in hip-hop songs.
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