My Ministry: Forgotten books

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I have always been deeply impressed and inspired by the testimonies of people who are passionately involved in personal ministries. Compelled by the love of Christ in me, I spent much time in prayer and fasting, humbling myself before God, seeking from Him the right ministries for me. 

In addition to my burning desire for personal ministry, I have also a long-standing passion for reading—an unusual passion God planted in a little girl growing up in village schools around Fiji. It was through reading that I became obsessed with the holy Bible. It was through reading that I heard God’s voice speaking to me. And it was through the reading of works of other inspired writers that I’ve found help in my journey with our Lord. 

Because of the blessed experiences that reading has wrought in my life, God impressed upon my heart to present others the same opportunity that has brought life abundance to me. This was the birth of my “Forgetful Ministry”. 

For this ministry I pray for God’s impression to clearly indicate to me places to “forget” (leave) the books I have read. I feel a solemn responsibility to ensure that the truth in the forgotten books is the right knowledge about God which the Bible upholds. 

On the first page of each book, I leave a personal note which includes: my brief response to the content of the book; the contact of “Hope Channel Fiji” if they have questions needing answers; a sincere request that once they are done reading they should “forget” our book in a location for another soul to find, pick up and read; and finally, an expression of hope that I meet them when Christ finally returns to take us home.

Because of the nature of my ministry, I do not expect the pleasure of receiving feedback on how far and wide my “forgotten books” have travelled. However, God in His mercy has allowed me an experience as assurance that the books are doing “what they are sent out to do” (Isaiah 55:11).

I “forgot” one of my favourite reading books As Light Lingers: Basking in the Word of God (by Nina Atcheson) in the waiting room of a dental clinic. Due to the fact I came in as a patient and since the receptionist saw me intentionally forgetting the book, the dentist had my contact details. Some days later, he informed me that he had picked up my book and has already begun reading it. He also assured me that once he was done, he would be returning our book to his clinic waiting room for another soul to find it, read it and forget it elsewhere if they so decide. 

I look forward every day to hearing someone testify about a book that has shed a bit of light on their return journey to God. If God does not see this as an experience I should have in this life, then I sure am waiting for those moments in heaven when He will allow me to meet those who have read our books and by His grace made it through those pearly gates with me into life eternal with Him.

Mereseini Williams is a teacher based in Fiji.

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