Village chief baptised in Fiji

The village chief is baptised by minister Tevita Nacuva in Niudua Village.

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A village chief in Fiji was baptised on Sabbath, December 11, along with his wife and son, and eight other people.

Ratu Juta Vuaka is Tui Naqere, the chief of Niudua Village in Naceva, Kadavu. He and his wife Adi Ruve Vuaka and son Valeova Vuaka were baptised with eight people from their village.

Niudua has a small and growing Adventist community and through the witnessing of several church members in the village, the chief expressed interest in learning more about the Bible.

Visits to the village by the minister serving the island of Kadavu, Tevita Nacuva, often led to Bible study sessions for the community including the chief. 

In November, Pastor Patrick Jacksam visited the island to conduct a baptism and also travelled to Niudua Village. He held a Bible study and this influenced the chief to grant the use of the village hall for a two-week evangelism program run by Tevita Nacuva.

December 11 marked the end of the evangelism series—a reaping event with the baptism of 11 souls.

During the final appeal, Ratu Juta raised his hands and gazed up to the heavens. He stated that now “he will be a spiritual leader—leading his subjects in their spiritual walk, bound for heaven”.

Despite the lockdown and worship restrictions in Fiji, more than 600 people have been baptised in 2021.

Niudua church members and villagers worshipping in the village hall before the baptism.

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