‘God intervened and stopped that rain’

At the end of the program 49 people were baptised.

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The Ringi region of Solomon Islands may be known for its continuous rain but members stepped out in faith to run an evangelistic campaign.

Hundreds attended the campaign, which ran from September 3-11 and was organised by members of Ringi church. The program was presented by Pastor David Filo and was a follow-up to a Solomon Islands Mission series in July that was livestreamed throughout the country.

Ringi is in South Kolombangara District in the western region of Solomon Islands Mission. The area is known for continuous rain and this had the potential to cause many logistical issues for the evangelistic series.

“It was not raining on the first night so we had our outdoor meetings that night,” Pastor Filo said.

“However, on the second night it was raining heavily and that forced us to have our meetings in the Ringi church building. The church building that night was fully packed with people and we did not have enough space for everyone who was there to listen to the messages.

The baptismal candidates.

“When I started my sermon on the third night, the rain started to pour and scattered the audience in all directions,” Pastor Filo continued. “Realising what had happened I stopped my presentation and intentionally asked God that night to stop the rain so that we could continue with our worship.

“God intervened and stopped that rain immediately after we said ‘Amen’, and I continued with the sermon until the end. Although it rained during the day, God gave us fine weather every night until the completion of the meetings. We praise God as His leading during the meetings at Ringi was evident.”

The meetings concluded with the baptism of 49 people and a further 50 people made a commitment for baptism.

South Kolombangara District comprises 19 churches and 1170 members and has experienced significant membership growth in recent times.

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