Happy Father’s Day!

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A few weeks ago, we asked church members from across the South Pacific Division to submit words of appreciation for their dads in time for Father’s Day. Here’s what they said.

Bernard Chapman
Moora, Western Australia

I love how thoughtful my dad is. He’s always giving of his time, money, energy and love for the benefit of others and seeks to encourage in every conversation, even with strangers on the street! He’s a great example of Christianity in action.—Brenna Chapman


Stephen Jones
Livingston Church, Perth

Dad has supported me through every endeavour I have chosen to undertake. Moving across the country to study at Avondale, choosing to stay across the city for love and my dream job and loving me through it all!—Kirah Bradley



Eddy Johnson
Retired minister, Greater Sydney Conference

My father is a pastor, teacher, coach, mentor, chief exasperator, dad jokes, missional man of God. He has a heart of gold and gives until he has nothing more to give. He’s a treasure and we love him!—Terry Johnson

Joshua Ken
Boundary Road Church, Lae (PNG)

Dear Dad, thank you for always taking a genuine interest in the things I do and always cheering me along the way. I can honestly say there is no-one who can listen to me the way you do. I feel so blessed to be your son!—Doulos Ken



Kevin Brown
Former pastor, Windsor Church, Sydney

These are the last words (the last paragraph of a longer letter) my son Daniel wrote to me before he took his own life in April, 2015: “You’ve supported me to the best of your abilities—a lot of the time to the point of me feeling like a burden. I love you because you are one of the most human people I have known—opinionated, fragile, discerning, ethical.”—Daniel Brown


Jeffesen Langati Trief
Education director, Vanuatu Mission

I love my dad because, growing up he was my mentor. He taught me valuable lessons about life, one being to trust and believe in God no matter what the situation is.—Heretua Terry Trief

My dad sacrificed 10 years of his career so that I could get the surgery I needed. Today I can live my dream and live a healthy life due to their sacrifices. Life was not always easy but our dad showed us miracles of faith and the results were always bigger than what our minds could imagine.—Herenui Marielle Trief

Maurice Gersbach
Busselton Church, Western Australia

I love my dad beyond measure. Like our Heavenly Father, my earthly father is kind, loving, forgiving, humble, strong—yet gentle, compassionate, giving, helpful and faithful. Thank you Dad. Happy Father’s Day. I love you!—Rochelle Willis 


Michael Stahl
Victor Harbour Company, South Australia

I always remember his quiet wisdom in how he taught my brothers and I. I love his passion for the Word and firmness of faith.—Dietrich Stahl



Ralph George Weslake
Norfolk Island Church

Our dad, “the lovable rogue”, at 97 still impresses with his humour. Leads by example in drawing his family to love the Lord. Always batting for the underdog, firm and fair. A man of integrity and possessing a wealth of wisdom.—Ken Weslake



David Jonathan Gillespie
Innovation Church and New Life Church, North Brisbane, Queensland.

Why I love my dad? Simple. His loving and forgiving character and energetic personality lightens my mood daily. My dad never fails to make me laugh with his terrible dad jokes and dramatic persona. And I’m so very grateful for his patience because without that I don’t know where I’d be. I love you, Dad.—Kasey Gillespie


On behalf of Adventist Record, we want to wish all our dads God’s richest blessings this Father’s Day!

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