Samoan women hand out care packages across Greater Sydney

One of the "Women of Hope" with the care packages ready to be distributed.

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With ongoing COVID-19 restrictions across Greater Sydney, “Women of Hope”—comprised of more than 80 women from six Samoan women’s groups—joined forces to prepare 305 care packs that were delivered to local charities and distributed to people in need.

Led by Women of Hope president and member of Punchbowl Samoan church, Sesepasara Tangatauli, the packs were filled with essential items including hand sanitisers, personal hygiene packages, toothbrushes and toothpase, tissues and other goodies, and then distributed to organisations including Street Buffet Sydney, Helping Hearts Sydney and Helping Hands Canley Vale.

“[We are from] six Samoan churches at St Mary’s, Liverpool, Mt Druitt, Sydney Central, Minto and Punchbowl,” explains Mrs Tangatauli. “We decided to provide some toiletries bags for the homeless and families in need, because we saw a lot of people in need during COVID and after COVID. The bags were packed before COVID hit.”

Bible verses included in the care packages.

To share the love of God with recipients, encouraging Bible verses were included in the packs. They were to highlight the reason for the outreach and encourage recipients.

“We need to help them not only physically but at the same time we deliver them a message by Bible verse to give them hope and help them spiritually,” said Mrs Tangatauli. “We planned to give it to one charity but I’m sure things worked in Gods timing and His will. I messaged two charities including our first choice and they’re all got back to me at the same time.”

After months of planning, the packs were delivered in the first week of July, just before Sydney’s COVID-19 wave intensified.

“We didn’t know COVID would hit us again. At His right time, He delivered it. We are still praying for those Bible verses to plant a seed in someone’s heart and Gods Spirit will help it grow.”

Women of Hope’s theme this year is “Sisters in arms for such a time”.

“We see the world is changing and people feel lost and hopeless. We want to get the message out there that Jesus is our hope and we will not be lost anymore if we find Him,” said Mrs Tangatauli.

Contents of the care packages.
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