New app to help parents build faith in children

Pastor Daron Pratt launched the app at the GSC Big Camp.

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The Greater Sydney Conference (GSC) has developed a new app to support families with children aged zero to 14 in daily worship.

Launched by children’s and Sabbath school director Pastor Daron Pratt at the GSC Big Camp on May 26, the Faith Builders App provides daily devotionals and ideas on how to help children grow spiritually.

The app offers podcasts, resources, family worship ideas, parenting tips and more, helping parents pass on their faith to the next generation.

Speaking at the launch event, GSC president Pastor Alban Matohiti challenged individuals, “Are we taking time to make disciples in our families? It [Faith Builders App] will help you make disciples in your own home.”

The creation of the app was based around research conducted by Pastor Pratt on the engagement of children in church. In his analysis, which explored David Goodwin’s findings in his Australian research (2012), Pastor Pratt found that more than half of children raised in the church, leave before reaching their teenage years.

“This app was developed in response to recent research that indicates children are more likely to adopt the faith of their parents,” said Pastor Pratt. “What happens at home trumps everything else. This app seeks to help parents be the best they can possibly be when it comes to passing on faith to our children.”

“I’ll do what I can to close that gap and keep our kids in church” he added.

Faith Builders App is free to download and is available for iOS and Android

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