Mums At The Table fine-tunes its focus

The Mums At The Table Invercargill (NZ) group at a recent meet-up.

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The weekly Mums At The Table TV show, produced by the Mums At The Table ministry, an initiative of Adventist Media, will stop broadcasting on commercial free-to-air television in Australia from July 2021.

The change is in line with Mums At The Table’s strategic goal of connecting with an increasingly digitally-focused audience through partnering with local Adventist churches.

“We are constantly reviewing and assessing Mums At The Table to broaden its reach and make it as effective as possible,” said Dr Brad Kemp, CEO of Adventist Media and executive producer of Mums At The Table.

“As part of our review process, we have found that the TV program, while an excellent production, is not as effective as our digital platforms in reaching our audience. Consequently, we’ve made the difficult decision to discontinue production of the TV show in its current format.”

Dr Kemp said the program’s presenters and experts, including Rachel Humphries, Shona Solomon, Fiona Lelilio-Tiatia and Collett Smart, were instrumental in building Mums At The Table into a credible and professional television show that has been broadcasting since 2017 on mainstream media. Many of the experts, including medical professionals from Sydney Adventist Hospital, have volunteered their time on the show.

“We have received consistent positive feedback from the TV station and viewers about the quality of the content, and that’s all because of their expertise and sacrifice,” said Dr Kemp.

Mums At The Table will continue to create and share parenting tips and advice online, and since September 2020, it has created 15 groups in Australia and New Zealand as a means to connect with mums in the local community. These groups are managed and moderated by volunteer Adventist church members, with full support of their local church.

Video content will be in different styles and in shorter segments than the 30-minute TV show. These will be shared on the Mums At The Table website and social media channels, including YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.

“We are always looking at ways to ensure Mums At The Table remains a sustainable ministry to support mums in the community,” said Melody Tan, project manager of Mums At The Table.

“It’s a fine balance to ensure we produce valuable content to help mums on their parenting journey with that of cultivating face-to-face relationships with them through the local church.”

“Today Mums At The Table is a growing ministry and will continue to grow as more churches become involved,” said Dr Kemp. “It is here that meaningful relationships are being built and mums are being introduced to Jesus and a supportive Christian community.”

Churches or individuals interested in being part of the ministry can contact Mums At The Table at

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