Do you need to drink eight glasses of water per day?

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Healthy bodies need water. While the food you eat—especially fruits and vegetables—will help to hydrate you, water is the best way to make sure you’re replacing the fluids you lose each day. The easiest way to know if you’re well-hydrated is to check the colour of your urine. If it’s yellow and smelly then you probably need to drink more water. But if it’s a lighter yellow or almost clear, it’s a sign you’re drinking enough.

8 reasons to drink 8 glasses 

Drinking water can help reduce the frequency of headaches, help you stay alert and is a natural way to detoxify. It can also help keep you slim, prevent wrinkles, smooth joints, keep bowel movements regular and regulate blood pressure. That’s 8 great reasons to stay hydrated. 

Tips to boost your water intake 

Start early

Drink your first glass as soon as you wake up. Also, offer infants and children water to quench their thirst–it’s a great habit to learn from an early age.

Carry it with you

Water bottles are a great way to keep tabs on how much you’ve drunk through the day.

Jazz up your water

Add a slice of lemon, lime, fresh mint leaves or frozen berries.

Go herbal

Try it hot or iced. Herbal teas are a fantastic alternative to water. As well as being hydrating, they are high in antioxidants, calming and caffeine free!

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