New live show on Faith FM to “help grow and build faith”

All five guest presenters, (from left to right) David Leo, Peter Watts, Gary Webster, David Maxwell and Rajko Celic—all Adventist Church local pastores.

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Faith FM is preparing to launch a locally produced show across Australia on May 3. Produced at their Hobart studio—opened on April 26—Tassie Encounters will be hosted by Margate Adventist church member Jason Cooke, airing live at 9am (AEST) on weekdays. 

The show will feature five regular guest presenters, David Leo, Gary Webster, Rajko Celic, Peter Watts, and David Maxwell—all local Adventist Church pastors. “Each day of the week, I will be joined by one of our expert presenters who will be sharing some of their fresh insights on a whole range of various topics,” explained Mr Cooke. 

“We are going to be covering everything from current events to insights from archaeology, to deep Bible study, and of course Q&A. We think Tassie Encounters will have something for everyone, and we really believe what we are doing will help grow and build faith”, he said.

Tassie Encounters adds to a growing line-up of live Australian produced shows on Faith FM. 

“It is fantastic to see not just a new studio brought online in Hobart for the station, but a new live show. I really think our listeners are going to love having another live show each day to add to the breakfast show coming out of our Newcastle studio and the afternoon drivetime show coming out of our Adelaide studio. Faith FM has really become a national radio network,” said Faith FM content manager Robbie Berghan. 

Pastor Webster, president of Tasmanian Conference and one of the guest presenters, hopes that “through Tassie Encounters the listeners will find a substance for a faith in Jesus Christ, which will transform lives.”

Tassie Encounters airs on weekdays at 9am (AEST) right across the network and again in Tasmania at 4:30pm (AEST). You can listen to the show live on Faith FM or later with the Faith FM app available for iOS and Android.

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