Faith FM presents live program at Avondale Memorial church

L-R: Pastor Terry Johnson, Charissa Torossian, Shell Southwell and Pastor Danny Milenkov.

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Avondale Memorial Church experienced a mission-focused Sabbath school service in the format of a live radio show on Sabbath, February 24, featuring hosts of Faith FM’s show Looking Up.

North New South Wales Conference-based presenters Pastor Danny Milenkov, Charissa Torossian and producer Shell Southwell engaged the congregation with discussions on prophecy, end-time events and the study of Psalms.

The hour-long presentation, mirroring the Looking Up program, included an interview with Pastor Terry Johnson, president of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Australia. Pastor Johnson provided insights into the church’s membership decline and growth across Australia, focusing on the encouraging growth of a small church in Port Headland, Western Australia.

Memorial leader Joy Butler said the information shared during the interview “encouraged us all to continue to support and pray for the growth of the church in Australia.”

“The whole morning was an uplifting and inspirational day where all were drawn closer to our Lord,” she added.

According to Mrs Southwell, Faith FM regularly runs programs in churches. “We do the Bible study time in a live radio show style. It is a great way to promote the station and have the joy of fellowship. Memorial has been hosting these for a few years now—a couple times for The Breakfast Show and now for Looking Up,” explained the producer.

Looking Up is live from Newcastle, NSW, on Wednesdays from 3:30 to 5:30pm AEST.

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