NNSW office settles into permanent location

The new NNSW Conference office.

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The North New South Wales Conference (NNSW) has completed its move to a permanent location. The new office, based on Site 9 of the former Sanitarium Engineering Division office on the Avondale estate in Cooranbong, opened this Friday (April 5) with a dedicatory prayer.

The former Wallsend office, where the conference office was based since 1988, has been leased to generate significant income for the Church’s mission within NNSW. Moving out on June 16, 2023, the office staff operated temporarily from the Education Hall at Avondale University while the new permanent building underwent renovations.

The Children’s Resource Centre has already been operating at Site 9 since June 2023 and the Faith FM studio is scheduled to start operating from the new office in the coming months.

NNSW president Pastor Cristian Copaceanu explained the benefits of the permanent location to the Church’s mission. “In addition to the financial benefits, the new office location enables the NNSW Conference team to interact daily with Avondale University students and staff—the heartbeat of future church, education, health and business leaders. The mission, mentoring and networking synergy will be invaluable to the work of the church in NNSW and beyond for many years to come.”

Project manager and Natural Church Development coordinator Gillian Knight coordinated the move to the new space. The NNSW office staff expressed their appreciation for Mrs Knight’s professionalism and careful management of the final stage of the relocation process.

New signage will soon be installed to direct visitors to the parking area, Children’s Resource Centre, NNSW Adventist Education building, and the Conference Office.

The conference thanked Avondale University for its support and hospitality during the transition. “Avondale University has been a wonderful and accommodating host. We are glad our move allows us to continue working in close proximity with this keystone institution,” said Pastor Copaceanu.

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