The Pratts are back!

Rohan Josey, Kira-leigh Josey, Talissa Pratt, Maddison Pratt and Lionne Josey are second-generation students whose parents, siblings Loren, Neroli and Daron Pratt, all attended Avondale. (Credit: Brenton Stacey)

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This family has history. These cousins are second-generation students whose parents— siblings Loren, Neroli and Daron Pratt—all attended Avondale.

Despite the connection, (from left) Rohan Josey, Kira-leigh Josey, Talissa Pratt, Maddison Pratt and Lionne Josey made their own decision to study here. “I received scholarships and offers to other institutions, but I knew Avondale would be the best place I could possibly go for my qualifications,” says Kira-leigh. Talissa and Maddison say Avondale chose them. With the place being such a big part of her life—she regularly attended graduation ceremonies and reunions for other family members—Maddison “saw the lifelong relationships and connections that are created. I’ve never seen that anywhere else. After one semester at a different institution, I knew I needed to go to Avondale.”

The five are all studying different courses, sort of. While brothers Rohan and Lionne are arts and teaching (secondary) students, the eldest is specialising in health and physical education and the youngest majoring in modern history and biology. Their sister, Kira-leigh, graduated from the same course in 2019 but is now a likely ministry and theology graduand. Talissa is completing an arts and teaching (birth-12 years) degree while Maddison is a nursing student.

Support from their lecturers is noticed. “They make studying so much easier,” says Talissa. And practical experience is valued, with clinical placements giving Maddison opportunities to help patients “feel at least a little bit better.” The one thing Rohan most enjoys about his course? “Being able to work on my fitness in class.”

While Rohan is more pragmatic about the family connection (“Avondale most suited what I wanted to do and may have suited what they wanted”), Maddison feels it more strongly. “I’m especially proud of my dad for breaking out of a recurrent lack of education.” For Lionne, continuing the family legacy is not as important as “the quality of education I receive, the experiences I make, and the people I meet.” Kira-leigh and Talissa also want to leave their own mark. “My time at Avondale is my own story to tell,” says Kira-leigh.

For the record, Kira-leigh, Rohan and Lionne are children of Neroli. Talissa is daughter of Loren and Maddison daughter of Daron.

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