Wednesday, September 23, 2020
Tags Loren Pratt

Tag: Loren Pratt

Training school celebrates 100th graduate

The Australian Union Conference (AUC) Training Centre has celebrated its fifth year and graduated its 100th student.

My first day at Northpoint church

Who knew a first day at a new workplace could be so inspiring?

Students practise before they preach

Eighteen final year theology students from Avondale College of Higher Education have conducted a weekend evangelistic series in partnership with three churches in Victoria.

Strength of the church

I am at Camp Howqua in Victoria. It’s early and still dark. I can see a few kangaroos feeding in the mist down by the river.

My church—Northpoint

After 10 years of working in Melbourne’s western suburbs, Northpoint Seventh-day Adventist Church has finally achieved church status.
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