Wednesday, September 22, 2021
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Homecoming engagement high again as Avondale alumni gather online

Alumni of Avondale not only registered in record numbers but also proved adept at using new technology to connect with classmates at another online Homecoming.

Bathurst brothers: how Avondale students are helping connect a church to...

Three Avondale ministry and theology students are helping hoops fan and minister Raymon Paletua create safe places for children, and in doing so build the reputation of the Seventh-day Adventists as being community-minded.

Name change official: welcome to Avondale University!

Confirmation of the change came on August 5, five weeks after the national regulator announced Avondale as the only addition to the “Australian University” category following a transition to new standards.

Avondale now Australia’s newest university

Avondale is the first higher education provider in Australia to become a university under new national standards.

What in the Word: Grace

The Greek word for grace (charis) is often translated with the English word “favour”. But there is one point that is often missed according to the custom of the ancient world.

“God’s been very real in my life”

How Tara’s baptism brought clarity to her calling as a Christian science teacher.

New provost brings positive mindset to passionate community

Avondale's new senior academic has a record of leading strategic change by engaging students and staff members in cultural transformation.

Roje rates nursing number one

Avondale bachelor’s degree the best in Australia.

What in the Word: Remember

The concept of remembering in Scripture is not simply a matter of recalling snippets of information or the time of upcoming appointments.

“Good people helped me get here”

Oliver’s response to national survey ranks teaching at Avondale number one.
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