Wednesday, May 12, 2021
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Tag: Avondale

New provost brings positive mindset to passionate community

Avondale's new senior academic has a record of leading strategic change by engaging students and staff members in cultural transformation.

Roje rates nursing number one

Avondale bachelor’s degree the best in Australia.

What in the Word: Remember

The concept of remembering in Scripture is not simply a matter of recalling snippets of information or the time of upcoming appointments.

“Good people helped me get here”

Oliver’s response to national survey ranks teaching at Avondale number one.

A shot in the arm

Festival of Faith gives students much needed spiritual boost.

More professional recognition for lifestyle medicine pioneer

The developer of the only postgraduate course in lifestyle medicine in Australia and New Zealand is now recognised by his peers as a “change-maker.”

The Pratts are back!

Second-gen students carry on a family connection.

What in the Word: Feet

Although feet were held in low regard by the cultures of east and west alike, they are at the centre of biblical miracles.

The divinity of Jesus

The whole Christian faith hinges on this doctrine.

New governance structure key to transformational change

Appointing an academic recognised for shaping higher education policy and practice to a new executive role is the latest marker on Avondale University College's road map for sustainable transformation.
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