Financial quarantine support offered to overseas Adventist students

Avondale students who are living overseas will be able to access financial help for mandatory quarantine.

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There is good news for overseas tertiary students who had been planning to study at Avondale University College in 2021.

Students from overseas who have been accepted to study at Avondale can access financial help for mandatory quarantine periods.

Avondale will cover the reasonable cost of any COVID-19-related mandatory quarantine.

The offer is for any new or returning student who is a permanent resident of any country in the South Pacific and who has already enrolled or accepted an offer to study at Avondale this year.

Some of the finer detail? You can make only one claim for costs per calendar year. If you have a choice, you must choose the most economical quarantine option. And you must minimise transit quarantine costs.

The funding comes from the South Pacific Division of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, which wants to remove any barrier to attending a denominational institution or leaving a home country to study.

“We thank the church for its ongoing support,” says Chief Operating Officer Kelvin Peuser.

Avondale hopes overseas students will find the support helpful in beginning or completing their study this year.

Contact the Student Finance Services team (, +61 2 4980 2108) for more information about the quarantine support.

The offer is also available to students of Fulton Adventist University College, Pacific Adventist University and Sonoma Adventist College, with some of the same conditions.

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