Melody Mason talks prayer and Bible study

Melody Mason.

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Melody Mason works for the General Conference in resource development for Revival and Reformation and is coordinator for the “United in Prayer” initiative. She talked about the books on prayer and Bible study that she has published in the past two years.

Tell us about your background that has led to your current work.

I dreamed of being a missionary overseas and so became a registered nurse. But then God led me away from nursing to get involved with prayer ministry and that led me to the General Conference. So now I say I’m a missionary to our church leaders as my work is largely focused on praying, and helping inspire others to pray, for our church and leadership. God always writes the best life stories, and I love what I do working with the Revival and Reformation committee.

Why do you think people have so connected with Daring to Ask for More?

I believe Daring to Ask for More has been so successful because God has blessed it—and that’s the only reason! I’ve always loved to write, so writing a book has always been my dream. When I was asked by church leaders to write a book on prayer, I was excited. But when I tried to write this book, I couldn’t do it. I think God knew I was still too full of pride and self for Him to let me succeed—and He knew the book needed to be written through the power of the Holy Spirit. So after trying to write the book for three years in my own skill and nearly giving up on the project, and much tears and fasting, that’s when it finally started to come together. It’s God’s miracle. My name shouldn’t even be on the cover! But I think people connect so well with it because everyone is looking for keys to answered prayer. And the Holy Spirit has blessed it!

What role can a book play in teaching us to pray?

It is my prayer that, as people read Daring to Ask for More, they will be inspired by the many practical stories and illustrations of faith in the lives of others. I also pray that through the practical tools shared they can learn what it means to pray the Word, to pray in faith and to pray to see prayers answered.


What responses have you received to your book from people who might not consider themselves church members?

I’ve received a number of positive responses from people both in and out of the church saying that my books have changed their life, given them a new perspective, helped them see how big God is and showed them how to pray. I hear from people almost daily from around the world who tell me how the book has impacted their life. Many people tell me they’ve read the book multiple times. God is good—again, it’s all His miracle!

What most excites you about the Bible?

I love the Bible because it leads me to Jesus and I feel comfort and peace from heaven every time I open the Bible. God’s Word is living and alive, and it brings us to life as it helps us know who God is. In a world filled with doubt, fear, scepticism and conspiracies, we can turn to God’s Word as a stable rock of truth. It will guide us through the storms of life and it will lead us safely to our eternal home.

In your understanding and experience, what does it mean to love God with heart, body, mind and soul?

When you love God with heart, body, mind and soul, you give Him every part of your life. It’s the purest and highest form of worship when we surrender all to Him and we live in obedience to His Word. That’s what it means to truly love God! “Jesus answered and said unto him, ‘If a man love me, he will keep my words: and my Father will love him, and we will come unto him, and make our abode with him’” (John 14:23).

What do you hope readers take away from your books?

That they will fall in love with Jesus and look forward to heaven! That they will discover that we serve a living and powerful God who longs to answer our prayers, who longs for us to dare to ask for more and who longs to do big things in our life!

Books by Melody Mason are available form Adventist bookstores in Australia and New Zealand, or online.

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