Faith FM appoints new speaker and host

Pastor Robbie Berghan with his wife Rebeka and their son Arris.

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Australian Adventist radio ministry Faith FM has appointed Pastor Robbie Berghan to its team. Pastor Berghan will be a speaker and host, and will serve on the administration team as the content and promotions manager.

Pastor Berghan brings a wide range of experience to the role, having a background in the tech space as a software engineer and managing director. Since entering ministry around 15 years ago he has served as a church pastor on three continents, and has worked extensively in public evangelism and media. Most recently he and his wife Rebeka, and their son Arris, have lived in Tasmania where he served as the pastor of the Glenorchy and Margate churches, and the associate communications director for the Tasmanian Conference.

In taking on this new role, Pastor Berghan said he is inspired by a statement from one of his favourite ministry handbooks: “New methods must be introduced. God’s people must awake to the necessities of the time in which they are living” (Evangelism, p70). [pullquote]

“Since I accepted Christ as my Saviour at the age of 23, I have felt that I have been called to share ancient truths, using modern methods, to change lives,” Pastor Berghan said. “And this appointment to Faith FM aligns perfectly with my personal calling. We have an amazing asset with Faith FM. On the back of thousands of hours donated by volunteers and the financial support of listeners and members, we have a network that has incredible potential to reach Australia.”

In discussing the future of Faith FM and what he hopes to contribute to the station, Pastor Berghan said he is excited to be working with the rest of the team on building a very intentional strategy to nurture the listener in their journey with Christ from broadcast to baptism.

“We are developing some very intentional programming that we believe will greatly aid in listener engagement,” he said. “Connecting our listeners with meaningful content is important, but Christian experience grows best when we are in community. And so we want to be very deliberate in helping people in their journey to connect with local communities of faith.”

One of the first steps in this new strategy will be the launch of a new weekly podcast-styled show hosted by Pastor Berghan, called “The Faith Experiment”.

“Sometimes for people, faith is something that’s really hard to grasp, let alone to put into practice,” he said. “With this podcast it’s my goal to first help unravel this thing we call faith, in all its shapes and forms, and then I want to look at ways to test, to experiment and to put faith into practice. I’m looking forward to connecting with listeners as we learn and experiment together with faith.” The show will be aired weekly on Mondays at 9am.

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