Community connection focus of #weRtheCHURCH program

Hosts Pastor Glenn Townend and Renée Vaovasa on the set at Adventist Media.

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Thousands of Seventh-day Adventists from around the South Pacific were connected in a special way through the #weRtheCHURCH program on Friday night (August 28).

Hosts of the program—South Pacific Division president Pastor Glenn Townend and Avondale University College theology and ministry student Renée Vaovasa—were broadcasting live, which meant they could interact with the viewers. Not only were many “Happy Sabbaths” exchanged, but the hosts also took the opportunity to ask questions of the viewers who clearly enjoyed the opportunity to connect.

An episode of the children’s show King’s Kids started the night’s viewing, followed by the #weRtheCHURCH program. Filled with inspiring music, testimonies and stories, the program’s focus was on how Adventists are “Preparing the soil”, based on the first stage of the harvest cycle process to become a disciple-making movement. Whether it’s through prayer ministry, food pantries, health checks and programs, social media or other initiatives, #weRtheCHURCH put the spotlight on a variety of ministry activities where churches in the South Pacific are connecting with people because of Jesus’ love.

Pastor Townend said the program has received much positive feedback, including from leaders at the General Conference. “I was incredibly inspired by the wonderful stories of how churches are reaching out in their communities,” he said. “I also enjoyed having the opportunity to connect and chat with many people through the live format.”

Adventist Media production team getting the program out to the South Pacific.

The program was streamed on the #weRtheCHURCH web page, Adventist Media YouTube and Facebook platforms and broadcast live on Hope Channel Australia. It was also translated into French by Pastor Eddy Johnson and streamed on Centre Media Adventiste Facebook and YouTube sites, which was appreciated by viewers in French Polynesia and New Caledonia.

A Sabbath afternoon webinar provided an opportunity to hear from some of the people whose stories had featured in the #weRtheCHURCH program. The “Digging Deep” webinar, hosted by Adventist Media’s Kent Kingston and Rachel Lemons Aitken, provided valuable insights and practical tips on local community outreach.

For those who may have missed either the program or the webinar, they can be viewed at the Adventist Church in the South Pacific website: On this site you can also watch the programs from the inaugural #weRtheCHURCH event in May.

Organisers are planning the next #weRtheCHURCH program for November with a “Sowing the seed” theme. Video stories of 2-3 minutes length are needed. Please send them to < by Friday, October 23.

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