Evangelism reaps baptisms at Busanim Creek

The 37 candidates who were baptised.

Following a two-week evangelistic meeting, 37 people were baptised into the Busanim Creek Seventh-day Adventist Church in Lae, Papua New Guinea, on Sabbath August 29.

The meeting was presented by guest speaker Pastor Burges Smacker, director of Advent Herald Ministries, from August 16 to 29. Themed “Countdown to Eternity”, the meeting attracted not only new interests but also former church members who had stopped attending church over the past few years.

Also attending the baptism on Sabbath was Morobe Mission youth director Pastor Micah Akui and former Mile Church pastor Vai Kovia, who helped baptise the 37 candidates.

After the ceremony an appeal was made by Busanim Creek church pastor, Minister Simeon Hamura, with many new interests making a stand to follow Christ and his teachings.