#weRtheCHURCH is back to inspire and encourage

Hosts of the inaugural program, Pastor Glenn Townend and Litiana Turner.

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The inaugural #weRtheCHURCH Sabbath program received such a positive response that it will now be held quarterly.

Organisers of the Division-wide initiative are planning to share more inspiring stories on what the Church is doing across the South Pacific through three Friday night programs, the first to be held on August 28. The fourth program will be a Friday night/Sabbath event similar to the one held on May 22-23.

Each program will be themed around discipleship using the harvest cycle model. The first will focus on “Preparing the soil”, featuring mission stories and testimonies from around the South Pacific Division (SPD).

The SPD’s decision to make #weRtheCHURCH a regular initiative follows widespread enthusiastic feedback for the first program, which showcased how the mission of the Church has been continuing in new and creative ways despite the challenges of COVID-19. Up to 200,000 viewers were believed to have tuned into the event.

Pastor Maveni Kaufononga presents a devotion during the Sabbath afternoon program on May 23.

“I have been inundated with positive messages from people from around the SPD expressing gratitude for the #weRtheCHURCH weekend,” said SPD president Pastor Glenn Townend.

“It was wonderful to see how the program united and inspired our members during such a challenging time of church lockdowns.

“Church leaders throughout the SPD have also shared their thoughts on the #weRtheCHURCH program and its impact. They were pleased to see how it brought incredible unity to such a diverse Division and expressed interest in having more of these programs.

“I am delighted that #weRtheCHURCH is becoming a regular event—I believe it will be a real blessing and encouragement for the Church in the South Pacific as we continue to become a thriving Adventist disciple-making movement.”

Adventist Media is working with the unions and division entities to source content for the upcoming programs.

For more information and updates, email werthechurch@adventist.org.au.

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