Baptism brings joy to Betikama community

Some of the baptismal candidates.

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Staff and students at Betikama Adventist College, Solomon Islands, celebrated a baptism at the conclusion of a recent Health Week series.

Pastor Gary Ian Manele presented a series of health messages embracing the core principle of obedience to God’s natural laws of health. He said this becomes the basis to which obedience to God’s moral laws becomes possible.

The series helped the staff and students to recognise the importance of obedience to God in this end-time period.

Students, staff and staff family members were among the 11 people baptised. This is the second baptism at Betikama this year, after 39 young people took their stand for Christ in March.

“Betikama wishes to acknowledge God’s leading and will continue to commit to the fulfilment of its primary purpose not only to prepare young men and women for this life but for eternity,” college principal Partinson Bekala said.

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