Fulton partners with the Fiji Police Academy

Some of the officers from the Fiji Police Academy who were involved in the training sessions.

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Fulton Adventist University College is playing a key role in the continuing professional development of instructors from the Fiji Police Academy.

Fulton presented the first study module of the National Certificate of Teaching in Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) program for the academy’s instructors and lecturers on June 1-5. This was one of four modules that will be presented by lecturers from Fulton as the academy staff complete the course over the remainder of 2020.

The TVET program was developed in partnership with the Fiji Higher Education Commission and the Commonwealth of Learning (COL), an intergovernmental organisation established by the Commonwealth Heads of Government for the purpose of promoting sustainable development through education and lifelong learning.

Last year Fulton signed a memorandum of understanding with COL and the TVET training program is seen as the start of an ongoing relationship to build on the learning capabilities of a wide range of vocational groups across the Pacific. The plan is to assist students through a lifelong learning program to see their TVET certification as a step toward higher qualifications.

The Police Academy staff were highly engaged and made great progress.

“The TVET course, which is accredited by the Fiji Higher Education Commission, was developed as a pilot program by the Australia-Pacific Technical College, making this a very interesting development partnership,” said Fulton principal Dr Malcolm Coulson.

“The Police Academy staff were highly engaged and made great progress in understanding the design and structure of TVET, as well as the teaching and learning approaches that are especially relevant to adult vocational education.

One of the academy staff.

“The Fiji Police Force is highly invested in remaining a professional, highly-educated institution as was evident through the attendance at the opening of this program of the Chief of Intelligence and Investigation, the Assistant Police Commissioner Biu Matavou. He acknowledged the support of Fulton Adventist University College in facilitating the training and encouraged the participating officers to aspire to continue their studies into diploma and degree qualifications so that the reputation of the Fiji Police Force is further enhanced.”

Dr Coulson said Fulton was chosen by the academy “in light of shared values and the philosophical foundations of our views on wholistic education, service to our communities, a sense of God’s calling to our vocations and the belief in our social responsibility to offer hope and purpose to those we meet”.

“Our plans to conduct morning worship with the ‘students’ proved unnecessary as they started each day with a hymn and prayer and the Fulton staff closed each day with prayer,” he said. “We look forward to completing the TVET training at the academy and to work with other organisations to support their professional development aspirations.”

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