Australia-wide online evangelistic campaign to expand Church’s reach

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A collaboration between the South Pacific Division, Australian Union Conference, Hope Channel and local conferences has seen the creation of an integrated online evangelistic campaign designed to reach and connect with secular audiences.

Commencing on May 8, “Predictions of Hope: Beyond Corona” is the first four-day instalment of programs, presented by pastors Gary Webster and Robbie Berghan. It has already received 1050 registrations. The programs will be simulcast on the Faith FM radio network.

The series is designed as a “bridge” to help secular audiences connect with relevant global events from a perspective of faith. Following the series, contacts will be encouraged to sign up for the upcoming four-week “Hope Awakens” series (beginning on May 15) with international evangelist Pastor Jon Bradshaw.

“You know with COVID-19 things have just been sidelined,” said Pastor Bradshaw. “We had a major public evangelistic series planned—17 churches and 11 sites—and of course it was shut down. We knew that God had given us the wherewithal to be able to do this online, so we wrapped up very quickly a team . . . and now we’re conducting the series online.”

Hope Awakens will consist of 20 presentations over four weeks that explore Bible prophecy and take participants on a journey through the Bible’s major themes. The presentations will be made available in multiple time zones across Australia, New Zealand and Canada to appeal to an international audience. Contacts will then be encouraged to sign up for Zoom masterclasses run by local churches and conferences.

“We have an incredible opportunity before us as we are now living our lives in a digital world,” explained Hope Channel South Pacific director Pastor Wayne Boehm. “Through social media [we can connect with] 2.6 billion people on their personal computers and mobile phones, creating further opportunities to connect and link them the local church.”

The Zoom conferences run by local churches and conferences will take place from June to August with multiple sessions per week. Programs are currently being organised, with pastors and evangelists being encouraged to run the redesigned Secrets of Prophecy seminar and other courses at various times throughout the day. People who take part in the previous programs will be contacted via email or phone to connect them with a local church.

For more information or to get involved in the initiative, please visit

“We look forward to reaching into villages and communities right across our division, and in fact right across the world to make disciples for the kingdom,” shared Pastor Boehm.


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