Local legend profiled in Signs video

Dennis Price.

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For some years, Dennis Price has been sharing Signs of the Times magazines with the public in Palmerston North (NZ). His friendly manner and quiet determination has seen him build up a Signs distribution network of 15 takeaway shops around town, an initiative Signs editors Kent Kingston and Daniel Kuberek captured on video earlier this year. “We got permission to film in one shop,” remembers Kuberek. “It was an Asian-themed place called Golden Takeaways. And the owner there, she kept saying how much she loved Dennis’ smile and his manner, and how he and his magazine were welcome anytime in her shop.”

“It’s not hard. You’ve just got to be a bit game, and go and approach people,” says Price in the video, which is now available to watch on Adventist Media’s YouTube channel.

In the video, Price also recounts how a “chance” encounter at one of the takeaways led to an invitation to place Signs of the Times in Manawatu Prison, where it is now adding to the impact of the chaplaincy program.

Signs sharing initiatives like Price’s, however, often depend on continued financial support. Right now, the amount of magazines provided via the New Zealand Evangelism 5-Star Project is down by about 60 per month. Donations can be made at signsofthetimes.org.nz/nz.

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