Three angels’ messages

(Credit: AUC Resource Centre)

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A conference president is continually preaching it; two younger pastors have done a series of three podcasts; I heard a devotional on it at a recent GC meeting; young people are asking me—what’s so relevant about the three angels’ messages?

Found in the heart of Revelation (14:6-12), the three angels’ messages have global and eternal significance. That is why angels shout from the heavens—they want every tribe, language and people to hear the messages. In context, the world around is described as Babylon, a conglomerate of human devised religious and political systems that promote human autonomy and glory. Most people worship or follow Babylon, but it leads to confusion and chaos—life has no meaning, it’s not fair and there is no justice.

In contrast the three angels’ messages reveal, “First, there is hope, God is just, trust and follow God’s plan in Jesus. Second, don’t be deceived humans don’t have the solutions to the universal problem of justice and third, if you think they do there are consequences.” In other words, despite the global challenges, life can have meaning and be fair—but you have to know and trust God.

Knowing that Jesus has conquered sin, death and the unjust consequences (our basic issues) for all humanity, following Jesus faithfully and worshiping the creator God who is just is key. Distinct gospel messages of judgement bringing God’s justice, a character-building lifestyle, the 10 Commandments and the seventh-day Sabbath are a part of the package.

There is much more depth in the three angels’ messages, but following Jesus in belief and action means we are disciples who trust that God is just and will eventually bring justice to all inequities.

To take the three angels’ messages to the world is the Seventh-day Adventist Church’s mission. So we have the privilege of working with angels in taking God’s last message to the entire planet. All of heaven is behind this—are we part of that team?

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