Prayer brunch inspires Sydneysiders to seek revival

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Prayer coordinators, spiritual and ministry leaders, elders and local church members from across Sydney recently gathered at the Prayer Coordinators Brunch for a morning of prayer in Epping on February 9.

Organised by Greater Sydney Conference prayer coordinator Beryl Landers, the event focused on mobilising local church groups to pray intentionally, fervently and regularly.

“We wanted to provide a platform for local church leaders to come together and share what they’re doing, as well as inspire them to foster and nurture strong prayer ministries in their local churches,” said Mrs Landers.

The morning featured biblical teaching on prayer, testimonies, worship through music as well as a nourishing brunch and group prayer sessions.

“There were two prayer segments,” said Mrs Landers. “Firstly, we prayed for revival in Sydney, and then we prayed for the disasters happening around Australia and the world. While we were praying Sydney was being washed away, but we praised God for the rain.”

In addition, presenters from local churches talked to attendees about how to model the prayer lives of early Adventist pioneers, the Acts prayer model, and how to talk to God conversationally.

“So often rather than adoring God, we switch to thanking him, we stop praising Him for who He is. And God seems so far away sometimes so we need to learn to pray in the midst of talking to friends, bringing Him into our everyday life,” said Mrs Landers.

Wahroonga Adventist Book Centre coordinator Denise Vince, who attended the event, said that it inspired and motivated her and that she is looking forward to the Prayer Retreat at the end of March.

“It was a very moving and inspirational event for me. I have a personal hunger for revival in my life as well as for our churches. I was very thankful to have made the effort to attend the Prayer Brunch even with the torrential rain.”

With more than 40 people in attendance despite the severe weather, the prayer ministry advisory team hopes to grow the event throughout the year and encourage those interested that it is open to everyone.

“The men were really outnumbered on the day. We’d especially love to see more men coming along to these events!” encouraged Mrs Landers. “Also a lot of churches don’t have prayer coordinators and we want to empower people to change this.”

The event was the first of three prayer brunches planned for Greater Sydney in 2020.

“It’s so awesome to be in a room with like-minded people. Everybody there was passionate about prayer—it was incredible and there was such engagement. We desire to see prayer meetings be reignited, to see God work and [people filled with] the Holy Spirit,” added Mrs Landers.

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