God of Hope documentary wins international film festival award

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God of Hope, a documentary produced by Adventist Media, has won Best Documentary in the New York Cinematography Awards (NYCA) for December 2019.

Directed by Adam Kavanagh, the 28-minute film—premiered on December 12, 2019, as part of the God of Hope art exhibition at Sydney Adventist Hospital—explores the concept of hope through the stories of three photographers: James Bennett, Heath Bennett and Felicity Thomson.

“We never set out with the intention to win awards, but to have our work acknowledged in this way, and to be able to showcase what Adventist Media creates, is an honour,” said Mr Kavanagh.

God of Hope documentary poster.

Having entered the documentary into a number of Christian and non-Christian film festivals worldwide, the God of Hope team, including producer Mariana Venturi and cinematographer and editor, Nick Lindsay, are hopeful that the film will be showcased across the globe.

“The prospect of having our film watched by secular audiences worldwide is really encouraging,” said Mr Kavanagh. “We hope to connect with people, give them hope, and make them question their own relationships with God.”

NYCA is a monthly film competition for independent filmmakers worldwide, which judges winners according to quality of filmmaking, creativity and storytelling ability. The festival features live screenings, an exhibition and an award ceremony in New York, USA.

Having won Best Documentary, God of Hope has also been automatically nominated for a “Golden Eagle” award by the Cinematography Awards Foundation, an association of film festivals that highlight excellence in cinematography.

The God of Hope team will continue to receive news from other film festivals throughout the year as winners are selected. Updates will be posted in due course.

To watch God of Hope, you can visit their website.

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