Adventist fire

(Image: Adapted from Getty Images)

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“Orange is a fresh, youthful and creative colour,” according to graphic design specialists Canva. 

“It has the warmth of red and the optimism of yellow, and it communicates activity and energy and encourages socialisation. Orange looks and feels fresh and healthy and can even stimulate appetite. And because it is very easy to see, it is used to catch attention and signal safety.” 

Orange is the colour of one of my favourite animals—the tiger. It’s a colour that fills me with joy when I see a beautiful sunset or trees in autumn. And now orange—specifically a shade of orange known as “Adventist Fire”—has become a significant part of my job. You see, one of my tasks is to roll out the South Pacific Division’s identity project, which includes the distinctive orange signs that many of you would have seen outside our local churches and conferences. The signs are helping to catch people’s attention and raise awareness of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. 

While we previously had a myriad of logos, colours and designs, we now have consistent branding. The aim is to present a strong and clear identity so that the Church can be more easily recognised by members of the public. 

We are excited at the many ways the new branding is being embraced around the South Pacific. Along with the signage, it is being used on stationery, websites, social media, t-shirts, banners and flags (see for resources). 

To me it seems fitting that our colour is “Adventist Fire”. It reflects our calling to be disciples for Jesus, to be “on fire” for Him. As we head into the new year, let it be our burning desire to grow our identity in Christ as we look forward to His soon return. 

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