Adventist medical practitioners explore networking and mission

Dr Joy Akrawi (left)

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Delegates at the Adventist Medical Evangelism Network (AMEN) gathered from December 6-8 in Adelaide (SA) to discuss gospel outreach in medical professions.

Dr Edwin Neblett, keynote speaker from the United States, presented on opportunities to share the gospel in the marketplace, church, community and at home. He was joined by local health professionals who made presentations on evangelising in the workplace.

AMEN Australia president Dr Antoinette Mowbray said a key component of the annual conference was to connect like-minded individuals.

“You always come away inspired by hearing other’s approaches to managing situations, to maintaining faith in various practices,” she said.

The event also gave attendees the opportunity to share challenges of workplace evangelism. The conference also highlighted the power of God’s hand in medical missionary work, with presentations by Dr Robert Granger revealing the effectiveness of having literature available in the waiting room at the Preventive Dermatology clinic in Bunbury, WA.

Mental health was also discussed during the week, including the high rates of burnout amongst medical professionals.

“Sometimes you can feel so alone and isolated as an Adventist,” said Dr Mowbray. “You go to church, and you know no-one there might have any clue what you’ve had to deal with that week, so you don’t even want to start talking about it.

“Coming to events like this and being encouraged and inspired that it is worth every bit of it is really a big highlight for me.”

The next AMEN Conference will be held on December 3-6, 2020, in Melbourne, with the theme “Centres of Influence”.

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