Sunday, October 17, 2021
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Adventist medical practitioners explore networking and mission

Medical professionals gathered in Adelaide to discuss mission opportunities.

Missionary doctor

One can only imagine how many lives were saved/changed/blessed by physician Gilbert McLaren during his 40 years of service in Adventist hospitals around the world.

Adventist doctor pioneers possible cancer cure

Dr Ken Micklethwaite and his team from Westmead Institute have been working with modified immune cells, called CAR T cells, which could help cure blood cancer.

AMEN conference: medical evangelists meet in Adelaide

More than 100 Adventist medical professionals and students gathered last weekend for the AMEN conference. The Adelaide meeting equipped delegates to "heal, survive and thrive."

My story—Aidan Papaol

When I was only seven or eight I read “Gifted Hands”, the story of Adventist neurosurgeon Dr Ben Carson. That book inspired me and at that young age I decided I wanted to be a medical doctor.
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