Four ordained and nine baptised at Morobe Mission camp meetings

Two of nine candidates baptised by newly-ordained pastors at the meetings. (Credit: Morobe Mission communications department)

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Long distances did not prevent hundreds of Adventists and non-Adventists travelling by truck, canoe or on foot to attend the district camp meeting recently held in Mamaringan, Markham One district, Papua New Guinea.

Hosted by Morobe Mission, the meeting brought together church members and pastors from local mission offices to report on local church growth, share important messages and revive the spiritual lives of everyone in attendance.

At the meetings, the deputy governor of Morobe, Koni Iguan, pledged K21,000 (Kina) toward three church buildings and in support of the 2020 evangelism campaign.

Four ministers—two from Markham One district, one from Lae District and one from Komako District—were ordained as gospel ministers by the ministerial secretary of Papua New Guinea Union Mission, Pastor Cameron Wari.

After the ordination, the newly-ordained pastors baptised nine candidates. During an appeal, many young people also made decisions to follow Christ.

Sermons and sessions were held by Morobe Mission secretary Pastor Samuel Mollen and stewardship and family life director Pastor Kennedy Wai.

Attendees have reported leaving the meetings feeling motivated, inspired and ready for Papua new Guinea’s “Year of Evangelism” in 2020.

Hundreds of people witnessing the ministers being ordained. (Credit: Morobe Mission communications department)
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