Hope for the people of Kimbe

The launch was attended by hundreds, including many young people.

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Hope 107.5FM Papua New Guinea launched its fourth radio signal in Kimbe, West New Britain Province, on October 3.

More than 400 Adventists and members of the general public attended the launch at the West New Britain Province mission ground. Following the speeches, there was a ribbon cutting to officially open the studio along with the cutting of a cake featuring the Hope FM logo.

Many people shed tears during the launch, stating that it was a dream come true. Reginald Ovasui, a local church elder from Buluma, shed tears and said this was one of the answers to his prayers.

The launch of the new station was the result of the tireless work of Pastor Cameron Wari, communication director for Papua New Guinea Union Mission, with the help of 10 other local mission communication directors. Rishan Gounder, from Townville, Australia, helped with installation of the antenna receiver.

A special cake to commemorate the occasion.
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