Health as a lifestyle

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Thankfully, as a kid I was not often sick, because I loathed medicine. It tasted terrible in liquid form, and I almost choked if I had to swallow pills that left a horrific taste on the tongue.

I still look the other way if I get a needle, so I don’t have to see the penetration of a foreign object into my body.

Modern medicine is marvellous. Various drugs fight disease and restore health. However, medicine is a negative word to me. Medicine is given when things go wrong. Life is better if things go right and we don’t require medicine.

Health is our choice—even if our parents gave us poor genes. Ultimately all die, but it is the quantity and quality of life before the end that matters. That is why lifestyle is important. It’s a way of living that promotes health. Living with lifelong habits that are a natural routine of life and give life.

Being able to sleep soundly for 7–8 hours each night—that’s life. It has style if in a comfortable and warm bed.

Being able to drink 8–10 glasses of water each day—Adam’s Ale—that’s life. It has style with a squeeze of lemon.

Being able to wash my body with water and keep clean—that’s life. It has style if I can have a really hot shower then a really cold shower.

Being able to eat three meals a day of plant-based food—that’s life. It has style if it’s made into salads, vegetable bakes, patties and all the colours of a rainbow.

Being able to walk, stand, move—that’s life. It has style if I can ride my bicycle for hours through the bush and feel my body pulsate and mind clear.

Being able to relax and rest—that’s life. It has style when I’m lying on a beach listening to the crashing waves or in church surrounded by beautiful music.

Being able to work—that’s life. It has style when I have purpose beyond myself and I serve others and God.

There are many great lifestyle habits that enrich life. A good lifestyle is a natural medicine. A disciple of Jesus can live life with style.

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