Monday, October 26, 2020
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Health as a lifestyle

What does it mean to live life with style? Pastor Glenn Townend discusses.

A day in the life of a . . . division...

An open and candid conversation with Pastor Glenn Townend.


Pastoral care: Whose responsibility is it anyway?

Challenging the call to 24/7 ministry

The work–life imbalance of Seventh-day Adventist ministers revealed by academics at Avondale has helped the church in Australia rethink professional development.

Hiring rights

Should Adventists have the legal right to hire along faith lines in our institutions? Adventist Record editor James Standish says "yes".

Quest for peace

Can we only find peace when we go off the beaten track? What happens when we return to our busy lives?

Reclaim the third space

It seems as our societies “grow up” our sacred spaces are shrinking.

New Year’s resolutions

If you're anything like me, you’re returning to work around this time extremely enthused about the new year, ready for any challenge.
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