New Signs display takes off

Signs of the Times—your new in-flight magazine.

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Adventists in the North New South Wales Conference have responded generously to a call to fund the placement of Signs of the Times magazines at Newcastle Airport.

One hundred Signs magazines will be made available in a tourist brochure rack each month for travellers to take with them at no cost. The arrangement begins this month (which is also conveniently Signs Month).

The donations covered both the $A660 annual cost of hiring the space in the brochure rack (airport staff will receive the magazines and stock the display), and the $A2000 cost of the 100 magazines under the Australian Transport Outlets 5-Star Project discount arrangement.

“That seems like a lot of money,” said Signs editor Kent Kingston. “But it works out to less than $A45 per month for just five donors. I’m confident that if the 100 magazines are not enough to meet the demand—which is fairly likely, judging from other sites—more donors will step up to partner with us and boost the numbers.”

Emboldened by success, Mr Kingston is launching a new fundraising effort to place Signs magazines at sites in south Queensland. Mr Kingston will be using September’s South Queensland Big Camp to build support for the initiative.

“Hopefully, by the end of Big Camp, we’ll have some new locations,” Mr Kingston told Record. “Experience tells us that people are more likely to give generously to a specific project that’s in their local area, rather than an amorphous ‘good cause’. But they don’t have to wait for me to kick things off. I know there are heaps of mission-minded Adventists out there—they’re very welcome to launch Signs distribution projects themselves. If they set it up and fund it, we’ve got the magazines ready to go!”

Established in 1886, Signs of the Times is the Adventist Church’s premier evangelistic magazine for Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific. To find out more, subscribe or donate, visit

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