Students commit to Christ

The four baptismal candidates with Pastor Laukei.

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Four students from Divine Word University in Madang, Papua New Guinea, were baptised this past Sabbath (July 20) at the end of a spiritual enrichment week at the university.

A further 16 students committed to be baptised in November as a result of the program, entitled “Imprint of God received through baptism”. About 300 students attended the program, in which Madang Manus Mission president Pastor Garry Laukei spoke about the importance of baptism.

“There is no other form of approved baptism, which represents the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ except baptism by immersion,” Pastor Laukei said. “All other forms are not biblical.”

Francis Yasaking, outgoing president of the Madang Adventist Tertiary Student Association (MATSA), said the students were blessed during the week and have come to understand the significance of baptism.

The baptismal candidates with the 16 students who have committed to baptism.

Pastor Laukei praised the student body and thanked them for the well-organised program and their participation throughout the week.

“MATSA and the Divine Word Adventist Student Association have contributed a lot to the spiritual development in the villages and community in Madang over the last few years,” he said.

“Although they have a lot to do at the university, the students see the Lord’s work as important.

“They have done a lot in the Madang Manus Mission. They have visited villages and communities, conducting programs on social issues, health issues and spiritual programs which have touched a lot of people.”

The students will be receiving 300 Bibles in September from the youth department of Madang Manus Mission to help them in their Bible studies and outreach program.

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