New facility highlights Adventist school’s commitment to innovative learning

STEM Workforce manager for RDA Hunter, Mr Rick Evans (left), and Avondale’s Head of Technology, Mr Nigel Lynn, open the new Innovative Learning Area.

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A new Innovative Learning Area at Avondale School in Cooranbong (NSW) will provide students with fresh and exciting opportunities to engage in project-based learning (PBL).

Officially opened on Tuesday, May 28, the new facility is part of the Trade Training Centre on Avondale’s secondary campus and features design elements to compliment 21st-century integrated learning, including a digital fabrication space, an amphitheatre and a blacksmith’s corner.

Mr Lynn with some of his former construction students.

Avondale’s Head of Technology, Nigel Lynn, and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Hub coordinator, Anthony Hibbard, spearheaded the project in partnership with Regional Development Australia (RDA) Hunter.

“We are excited about engaging in PBL at Avondale School,” said Mr Hibbard. “Students will be able to utilise the different zones within this new learning space to investigate, collaborate, prioritise, make decisions, create, engage in innovative and original thinking whilst finding solutions to substantive and significant real-world problems.”

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Rick Evans, STEM Workforce manager for RDA Hunter, described how the learning opportunities provided by the “state-of-the-art facility align closely with our STEM Workforce initiatives and the development of the region’s students for future jobs in the Hunter.”

The establishment of the Innovative Learning Area was a collaborative effort, with some former Avondale students even coming in to help with the construction.

“We truly appreciate the efforts of Mr Lynn and his team that actioned this space into existence,” said Head of Secondary Hayley Ferris. “The new area will be used to facilitate a plethora of options in flexible teaching and learning experiences for students which will help continue to make Avondale School uniquely better.”

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